Alcohol Brief Intervention (County and Rutland)

Alcohol Related Risk Reduction Scheme  


To define the procedures of the ‘Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice Service’ (the Service) in order to ensure that the Service is conducted in a consistent, professional and accurate manner.



The Alcohol Risk Reduction service forms part of a wider substance misuse early intervention and treatment system.

The Alcohol Risk Reduction service is targeted at those individuals attending primary and community healthcare services (including GP practices, community pharmacists) who may be drinking at levels causing harm.

The service will identify those drinking at increasing risk and higher risk using a validated screening tool, in this case AUDIT-C, and provide brief advice and where appropriate referral into a specialist treatment service.

If there are any concerns regarding eligibility (for example women who are or planning to become pregnant, young people under 18) seek advice from the specialist treatment service.

The service is available to individuals aged 16 and above who are normally resident within Leicestershire County or Rutland County.



  • All staff delivering the service must have completed the Alcohol Learning Centre, Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice e-learning training ( see ‘topics’ then IBA). Evidence will be required by commissioners.
  • Staff must be familiar with this standard operating procedure.
  • The responsibilities of the pharmacy team must be clarified at the
  • All staff must be briefed to treat all users of the Service with respect and
  • Once the Service is in operation, any new employees should be briefed of its existence on their first day. Training, when appropriate (as stated above) should be started within the first


Agreement and Procedures

Patient Pathway

Training and Accreditation


Resources & Supporting Materials

  • Online Alcohol Calculator
  • Alcohol Personal Tracker
  • Drinks Tracker for iPhone
  • Drinking self-assessment online tool
  • My Drink Diary





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