Antibiotic Awareness

European and global campaigns raise awareness on how to use antibiotics responsibly and help protect antibiotics for the future. Without these vital medicines we will not be able to treat simple infections with procedures such as surgery and chemotherapy becoming at risk.

Community pharmacy teams can support patients, the public and other healthcare professionals with advice on the best possible use of antibiotics and keep them working.

To champion antimicrobial stewardship in your pharmacy:

Sign up as an Antibiotic Guardian

The public and medical community are being asked to become an Antibiotic Guardian by choosing one simple pledge about how they make better use of antibiotics and help save this vital medicine from becoming obsolete.

You can pledge to become an antibiotic guardian at any time of the year. please encourage pharmacists, teams , staff students and patients to sign up.

Antibiotic Resources 

Leaflets in 11 languages


Keeping Antibiotics Working Across Leicester, Leicestershire  & Rutland

Become an Antibiotic Guardian

Pledge to do one thing to protect antibiotics for the future and get your Antibiotic Guardian certificate. Once you’ve done this simply encourage your colleagues and patients to sign up too!

Utilise the Leicester & Rutland Community Pharmacy action pack

Written in conjunction with the Antimicrobial Pharmacist team at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, this action pack gives you all the information you need to promote antimicrobial stewardship in your workplace. As well as supporting patients to protect antibiotics for the future these activities will contribute to your Healthy Living Pharmacy portfolio.


Review and use the local and national antimicrobial guidelines

Are you up to date with the local guidelines for managing infections in primary care?

Not only are there treatment guides for common infections such as lower respiratory tract and conjunctivitis, but there are also pathways for the treatment of cellulitis and drug resistant urinary tract infections.


Visit the LMSG website for more information.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has also developed an Antimicrobial Resistance & Stewardship hub with supporting resources and a quick reference guide on supporting the best use of antibiotics in the community.


Participate in the CPPE EAAD Challenge and use their learning resources

The CPPE are releasing weekly challenges to help you become an antibiotic guardian pharmacy champion. Click here for more information.

Through CPPE you can also strengthen your knowledge of antibiotics by completing the antibacterials focal point distance learning or workshop.

The European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD) is an annual event, held every November,  to raise awareness on the responsible use of antibiotics to help keep them effective for the future.