My Locum Choice offers a DBS submission service for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pre-registration students. It uses the Home Office registered company, UCheck to help meet disclosure requirements.


My Locum Choice sends the pharmacist two copies of the declaration and consent form to be signed. This will allow the service to hold documents and apply for a DBS Check on behalf of the applicant.


The applicant provides photocopies of ONE document from GROUP 1 and TWO documents from GROUPS 1, 2 or 3 indicated below:


GROUP 1: Current and valid passport

Birth certificate

UK or Isle of Man or Channel Islands photo driving licence.

GROUP 2: Current UK driving licence (old style paper version)

Current photo driving licence

Birth certificate

Marriage/civil partnership certificate

Adoption certificate

HM Forces ID card

Firearms licence (UK/Channel Islands/Isle of Man)

GROUP 3: Mortgage statement

Bank or Building Society statement

Credit card statement

P45 or P60 statement

Council tax statement

Utility bill (NOT mobile phone)

TV licence

*Please note

a driving license can only be used as evidence for Group 1 or Group 2 and NOT both

The copies must be signed, dated and verified with the following statement:

“I [insert name] confirm that I have seen the original document”

The verification may be provided by ONE of the following persons:

  1. a colleague
  2. somebody who knows you in a professional capacity
  3. at a Post Office*
  4. MyLocumChoice

*Please note

not all Post Offices provide this service and for which they charge an average of £7


Send ALL the requested documents to MyLocumChoice using one of the following options:

  1. Send your countersigned copies with a cheque payable to MYLOCUMCHOICE LTD. This covers the cost of your application to Ucheck (inc. VAT) and the cost (inc. VAT) of MyLocumChoiceproviding this service.
  2. Send the original documents AND the copies to be countersigned by MyLocumChoice with a cheque  made payable to MYLOCUMCHOICE LTD. This covers the cost of your application to Ucheck (inc. VAT), the cost (inc. VAT) for MyLocumChoice to verify and countersign your documents, the postage and packing cost to return your original documents, and the cost (inc. VAT) of MyLocumChoice providing this service.


Your certificate will be sent by post to your registered address.


Register your certificate with the DBS update service at a cost of £13 annually


 Miraj Patel (CEO)  T   07708 702419   F  01604 408084   E 

My Locum Choice Ltd, PO Box 1384, Northampton NN3 0EJ