Substance Misuse (City and County)

The administration and management of pharmacy needle exchange and supervised consumption transferred from Swanswell and LPT to Turning Point in July 2016 for both Leicester and Leicestershire.

Contracts are intended to:

  • Agree a single payment structure across all pharmacies in Leicester City and County.
  • Encourage improved practice and improved return rates to address issues of needle litter in Leicester City and County.
  • Ensure pharmacies participate in appropriate training and receive specialist support allowing them to provide high quality services that improve access to harm reduction interventions and treatment
  • Ensure a robust contract sign up process with effective performance monitoring and quality assurance processes.  This will rationalise the delivery of needle exchange from Pharmacies across Leicester City and County and encourage quality provision.


Pharmacy Needle Exchange Specification 2016 (TP-Pharmacy-Needle-Exchange-Specification-LL-FINAL-OCT-2016)

Pharmacy Supervised Consumption (TP-Pharmacy-Supervised-Consumption-Specification-LL-FINAL-OCT-2016)

Turning Point Service Agreement-Pharmacies-Leicestershire

Pharmacy Rate (LL-pharmacy-rates-benchmarking-and-proposal-Sept-16)

Turning Point Information Leicester-stakeholder-DL-RGB



As a result of budget constraints, Turning Point took the decision to switch to Physeptone.  The LPC requested further clarification on behalf of City and County Pharmacy contractors. Download the  Physeptone-FAQ-v1.0-002 questions and responses document.


Useful Contacts

Neesha Chand, Improvements & Development Manager, SE and London email: 

Chris Paling email: